The J45s are four piece high energy rock soul blues country covers band.  Tight and rocky, The J45s' set list is impressive with a fine cross-section of material from subtle to knife-edged.

From Johnny Cash to The Animals. Otis Redding to The Kinks
Expect to hear rock classics from Clapton, The Stones, The Eagles, Skynyrd, Creedance, Steve Earle, The Band, Santana, Van Morrison and Hendrix.

The highs and lows of live performances 

Last Saturday's gig at Saint Bar in St Albans was challenging! 

Arrived at venue with nowhere to park and discovered that we had to carry all the equipment up two long flight of stairs. Then only to be told that the gig promoter had left or been fired. 
We found out later there was a goods lift behind the stage! 

The were no band posters and although potentially a great venue, we were performing to just nine people and no bar staff behind the bar. 
The snooker floor below was crowded playing loud electronica punk music 
Halfway through our first set suddenly this huge bouncer appears from below and shouts out: "Bloody magic!" 

As it turned out the punters in snooker floor had no idea there was any live being played in the club plus some people outside afterwards had heard we were playing and assumed it was The White Swan just up the road. 

But it makes no difference to us, whether there are nine or 900. Once we step out there, we give our all 
Band got a good sound and we did get free beer.

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    The J45s

    The Tavern, High Street, Old Welwyn, Herts AL6 9EQ

    Located in the High Street of the lively picturesque village The Tavern is fast becoming 'The Music Venue' in Welwyn, attracting a wide range of customers of all ages.

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