Bad Santa Tour

Bad Santa Tour begins with Nicos Black Horse in Eastcote this Friday 14th Dec followed by The Tavern in Old Welwyn on Sat 15th Dec

May you never grow too old to Rock 'n Roll and shake your thang at Christmas!

Sat 8th Dec - Affectionately known as 'The Doom Bar'

We had a full festive house with vocal accompaniment from 'The Female Santas' at The Dome Bar in Watford.

Hope to see you at our next gig, which is on Friday 14th December 2018 at Black Horse

Sat 8th Dec - The Dome Bar in Watford

Affectionately known as 'The Doom Bar'

Interestingly we have been billed as 'High-velocity bluegrass picking turns into rattling, stripped-back R&B'

Fri 23rd Nov - RBLC in Isleworth

Receiving firm handshakes and being told we cover songs much better than the original artists from appreciative audience members is definitely a good feeling at the Royal British Legion Clubs in Isleworth

Tried new song 'Every Time

Sun11th Nov - Ye Olde George Inn plus upcoming gigs

Good performance from the band on Sunday 11th November 2018 at a busy and lively Olde George Inn, Colnbrook.
We kicked off with the usual with some guys a front gave us hefty applause and bought the band a beers!

Fri 2nd Nov and Sat 3rd Nov

Fri 2nd Nov - This turned out to be a much better gig than we anticipated at The Crown in Cowley.

Good appreciative warm crowd of locals plus some who travelled a fair bit to see us.
Thanks to…

Sat 27th October

We had a great audience to perform to last night whooing and yelping their frenzied appreciation at the Feltham Constitutional Club in Feltham

Thank you to Ruth for organizing this event and offering the band dates for 2019.